Top Reasons To Enroll Your Teenage Child In A Study Abroad Program

High school is a very exciting time for most teenagers. However, not all teens want to spend the entirety of their four years of high school attending their local school. If you are the parent of an adventurous teen, you may want to seriously look into the study abroad programs that are available. When it comes to study abroad programs for high schoolers, your teen can live and learn in another country during a summer session, a quarter, or even a full semester. Some of the top reasons to enroll your teenage child in a study abroad program include the following:

Exposure to a New Culture

One of the biggest benefits of having your teen participate in a study abroad program is the fact that he or she will be exposed to a new culture. During the study abroad program, your child will discover a new cuisine, learn about the history of a country, and be able to see many sights. Being exposed to a new culture is a great way for a teenager to gain perspective and learn about how people in other countries live. It is an invaluable experience that can't simply be replicated in a classroom at home.

Learn a New Language

Many adults find it difficult or challenging to learn a new language. However, teenagers' brains are still developing, so picking up a new language is easier for them. Speaking one or more languages is a valuable skill, and one of the best ways to learn a language is by constantly being around native speakers. When your child opts to do a study abroad program, there is a good chance that he or she will become highly proficient in the language of the country that he or she visits. In many cases, teens who do a study abroad program that spans months can speak the language of the country when they return home.

Boost College Applications

In this day and age, most high schoolers want to pursue a higher education after receiving their high school diploma. But in order for a teenager to be accepted into the university that he or she wants to attend, he or she will need to stand out when applying. Studying abroad will give your teen something to add to their college applications that will differentiate them from other applicants, which can increase the likelihood of being accepted into the college of their choice. 

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