FAQ About Enrolling A Teen In A Private High School

Are you undecided as to whether enrolling your teenager in a private high school is a good idea or not? A private school is actually a great alternative to public school because it comes with several benefits that are in the best interest of your teen. This article will answer a few of the questions that you might have about sending your teen to a private high school.

Can the Curriculum Be Based On Religion?

There are many private schools with curriculums that are based on religion. For instance, if Christianity is your religion of choice, your teen will be able to learn more about various stories in the bible. He or she will also be taught morals based on the Christian faith. In addition to the religious curriculum, your teen will still learn the basic educational skills that are taught in public schools.  

Will Wearing a Uniform Be Mandatory?

Whether or not it will be mandatory to wear a uniform will depend on the specific private school that you enroll your teenager in. However, it is common for most private schools to require uniforms. You might actually find it beneficial to invest in uniforms instead of an entire new wardrobe for your teen's school year. Plus, your teen will not have to compete with what his or her peers are wearing, as they will all have the same type of clothing on during school hours.

How Much Attention Does the Instructor Give Students?

Students in private schools will usually receive more attention than students in public school. The reason is due to the class sizes being smaller. A private school instructor has fewer students to keep track of, which will give him or her the ability to focus on the specific needs of each student. Your teen will receive more help in his or her problematic areas which will help him or her to achieve a more successful education.

What is the Price of Private High School Tuition?

You should expect tuition for a private high school to cost a minimum of $6,000. However, the price can go over $35,000 depending on the school that is chosen. There are some private schools with grant options that can help with tuition costs. Visit a private high school like Carden Academy to learn more, and enroll your teenager in a private school as soon as you are ready to give up the public school system.