Helping Your Gifted Child Acclimate To A Private School

If your child has been tested as "gifted" and you feel he's struggling in a public school environment, you may be considering sending him to a private school. However, this decision requires a lot of careful planning and acclimation. Follow these steps to get your gifted child into the educational environment that suits his demanding needs.

Discuss The Ways It Will Differ From Public Schools

Intellectually, your gifted child may be prepared for the change to a private school. In fact, they may even relish it. However, before you sign up, it's important to discuss the ways it will differ from a public school, such as:

  • Not having a sports team
  • Possessing much stricture rules
  • Less cultural diversity
  • Lack of access to friends in public schools

For many children, this change will be difficult. However, if they are truly gifted, there's a chance that their public school curriculum will be a little too boring. As a result, their true potential may not me met. Try to help them understand that to ensure they makes the right choice.

Understand The Purpose Of The Interview

A private school interview is designed to help the school assess your child and to introduce the child to the demands of a private school. And even the most gifted child in the world will need a little help getting ready for the interview.

For a gifted child, high performance in a private school setting isn't likely to be a problem. However, understanding that he needs to shake hands, smile at the interviewer, and politely answer what may seem like strange questions are crucial to the process. He may have to answer questions about his family, his particular interests, books they enjoy, or even current events. Answering must be done politely and honestly.

Monitoring Their Progress

Once your child has started his classes at a private school, wait a week or two and ask their teachers how they are doing. Do they understand what they are being taught? Is it coming easily? Or are they struggling? Remember, just because a child is gifted, that doesn't mean they will immediately transition into a new and demanding environment without difficulties.

If your gifted child is struggling with homework that shouldn't be difficult for them, sit down and ask them a few important questions:

  • Are any children making fun of you at school?
  • Is this homework too hard or is it boring?
  • Do you enjoy this school?
  • Are there any problems with any of your teachers?

It may be difficult to get answers to these questions from your child. After all, even if they are intellectually gifted, they are still likely to be immature emotionally. However, getting to the bottom of any difficulties will help them succeed.

With this simple steps, you can help your child succeed in an environment designed to help tap into his truest intellectual capabilities. Talk with local private schools, like International School of MN, to find the one best suited for your child.